Friday Fabulous

Todays #OOTD is an easy, 2 main piece ensemble. TWO PIECES! How easy is that? It IS Friday and you know what that means? Time to get out of the house and play! Keep reading for a great look and be sure to check out the makeup tutorial that goes along with this outfit! We will be having you looking your best in NO time!


I started with the poncho scarf/blouse. I love the navy and blue combo accompanied with a touch of plaid. Like… LOVE IT! The poncho is thick enough but you are most certainly not going to sweat to death under it. I wear a simple camisole underneath as you are barely going to see it anyway.

I am a big time leggings as pants enthusiast so of course its no surprise I grabbed the pleather leggings. I like these because they are a little different from what we are used to seeing with the plain boring shiny black vinyl look. These have a little texture to them. Below is a close up photo of the texture. This is a big deal because it means that if you eat a few too many breadsticks at dinner they aren’t going to crack because they are already made to look this way. there is no where for them to crack!


I chose a brown shoe with this because I wanted to break up all of the black and add some dimension to the look. same reason I chose a gold chunky necklace. I LOVE long necklaces but a long necklace would just get lost in the closing of the poncho.


The poncho, leggings, and necklace can be purchased through You & Company’s boutique.

Poncho: One size $22

Leggings: $12

small (4/6)
medium (6/8)
large (8/10)

Necklace and earrings: $19

Now I give the Mic to Mrs. Kelly Aquino, your Younique enthusiast, makeup extraordinaire! She created a makeup look and hairstyle to go along with the outfit above!

A fabulous top knot is the chic way to polish this look in the easiest way possible!

Head on over to her group to check out her other looks and tutorials!


Products used and prices


So there you have it dolls, a HOW-TO for Friday, or whatever day you choose! You don’t even have to think about it because we have done it for you!


As always, thank you for reading!




Tights for fall!


This might be the coolest thing you read this fall!

Do you cringe at the thought of storing your summer clothes until the next season? Fear not! Say goodbye to your under the bed storage totes, I am going to tell you just HOW to keep using spring and summer pieces in your closet al year, right where they belong!


Pantyhose, tights, fishnet, whatever you want to call them, these are the key to rocking “No shave November” and December….and January… you get the point.

I have scoured Pinterest for my favorite images on the web to show you just how to pair those tights with your already fabulous pieces!


 I love this outfit because if you take off the scarf, tights, and pea coat, you have a pretty floral sundress for summer! Here in the south, Pea coats can be a little heavy and bulky so I would suggest instead, layering a cardigan. I think a light yellow, tan, or camel for this outfit. I would even go red if I am feeling bold. Pair it with fall makeup styles and soft wavy hair and you are ready for the runway! You could even go one step further and throw on some vintage leg warmers and pinch them around the ankle just like we did back in the 90’s with tube socks!


Next is a very comfy little outfit with a loose fitting tank tucked into a skater skirt with a boyfriend cardigan layered on top for warmth, statement necklace, tall riding boots, and, you guessed it, TIGHTS! I really love these textured tights, they can be thrown on with anything in the fall because lets face it, none of us are tanning in the winter, it just isn’t natural. If you do not want to show off those winter legs (or freeze your buns off) tights are your new BFF.


Next we have a more formal and girly look. A blazing red spring dress…. this dress sits in your closet all season and you never put it on, you stare at it in awe and have no idea what to do with it. Put it on, you know you want to! Ok, you have the dress, its on your body, now what? yea….I bet you knew I was going to suggest throwing on some tights! Then grab a scarf, cardigan, or even a denim jacket (can be any color) and boots or booties and FALL is ready for YOU!


How about this edgy little number, eh? *winky face* perfect for date night or a winter indoor concert. If you do not own some form of a bomber jacket, you should go try some on! They are a classic fall/winter staple! Pair it with a loose sweater, skater skirt, your flirtiest tights, an adorbs clutch, and high heel booties and you’re ready for your close up!


5 BEYHOLD! Yes, we all know what this is! It is our favorite, year round staple….Ladies, the PIKO TUNIC. Ahh where do I begin with this little piece of heaven? This piece can be worn every which way possible. I will make a post soon on all the ways a piko can and should be worn but for now, check this photo out. Now I know what you’re thinking…But Marla, “there are no tights pictured here.” But wait, look closer, she is wearing tights, just like the Hooters girls do….man some buffalo shrimp sure does sound good right now!


Ok, this is something any girl can handle, throw on your piko, stretch into those tights, get a coordinating scarf, boot socks and tall boots and this outfit is done. I seriously encourage you to try layering scarves over long necklaces. It is soo chic and flirty! I might even go the extra mile and revert to my southern ways and toss on a jean jacket over it, fold the denim sleeves and let the piko sleeves peek out a bit!

If you can dream it, you can wear it! its almost 2016, express yourself!


P.S. none of these photos are mine, I am not taking credit for any photos here. With the internet being so huge, it is hard to know where true credit is due but I am not taking it.